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Translated cyber security guides

We have released 5 of our popular cyber security guides in more than 20 languages.

The translated guides help people from non-English speaking backgrounds learn about effective cyber security practices and improve their cyber security posture.

The translated guides are free to download and include:

  • Personal Cyber Security – First Steps
  • Top Tips for Cyber Security
  • Easy Steps to secure your devices and accounts
  • How to use the internet securely: a guide for seniors
  • Small Business Cyber Security Guide.

The in-language guides provide information on essential cyber security topics including using strong and unique passphrases for all accounts, regularly updating software and devices to ensure they have the latest security features, and regularly backing up important data to a safe and secure location.

We are committed to improving the cyber security posture of all Australians and aim to make Australia the most secure place to connect online. By following the advice in our translated guides, Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds can take better control of their own cyber security practices and better protect their information and assets online.

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