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Become an ACSC Government Partner

ACSC partners will be provided access to the ACSC Secure Partner Portal
(previously the OnSecure Portal).

The ACSC partnership program is open to industry, the research community and Australian federal, state and territory government agencies.

We engage with partners across the whole of the Australian economy to increase cyber resilience and share situational awareness. Organisations who become ACSC partners can access timely alerts and advisories, rapidly share insights, and increasingly work together to solve common challenges.

What ACSC partnerships provide

Threat intelligence

We constantly monitor for cyber security threats from a range of local and international sources, including through government and business computer emergency response teams (CERTs) around the world.

As a partner, you will automatically receive threat intelligence, consisting of context-rich, actionable and timely information in a variety of formats, including advisories and automated indicator sharing.

This intelligence:

  • gives you simplified, fast and secure exchange of cyber threat information so you can prioritise and implement countermeasures in the face of a threat
  • improves the quality, scope and consistency of your threat information
  • enables more effective, real-time decision-making
  • frees your response and operations personnel to focus on activities that cannot be automated.

Access to the JCSC network

As an ACSC partner, you can make use of the Joint Cyber Security Centre program and access centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Learn more about the Joint Cyber Security Centres.

How to become an ACSC partner

The following organisations are eligible to become ACSC partners:

  • Registered businesses with an Australian Business Number (ABN) who maintain IT security personnel in Australia and are able to act on operational cyber security or operational technology information.
  • Government agencies (federal, state or territory) with a defined role, or key interest in, Australia's cyber security arrangements.
  • Security vendors or consulting firms that sell cyber security products or services, and are willing to contribute their cyber security capabilities to the JCSC program on a not-for-profit basis.
  • Academic, research or not-for-profit institutions with demonstrated interest and expertise in cyber security.

To join as a partner, you must sign a deed of confidentiality which sets out the protocols for sharing and protecting information within the centres. 

If the ACSC, acting reasonably, believes that an applicant poses a threat to the security or integrity of the ACSC program, that applicant may have their application refused or they may be granted restricted access to parts of the ACSC program.

Non-government organisations can complete the ACSC partner form via the large organisations and infrastructure page.

Government agencies can complete the form below to enquire about becoming an ACSC partner.

Contact details

Government department / agency details