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Are you a victim of Cybercrime?

ReportCyber has replaced ACORN as the place to report cybercrimes.

Cybercrime is the use of a computer or online network to commit crimes such as fraud, online image abuse, identity theft or threats and intimidation. As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, criminals are targeting individuals, businesses, education institutes and governments.

For more information on types of cybercrime, please see the Threats Information page.

What can I report to police through ReportCyber?

Some common types of cybercrime include:

  • Identity theft and fraud

    Identity theft is when a cybercriminal gains access to your personal information to steal money or gain other benefits. They can create fake identity documents in your name, get loans and benefits or apply for real identity documents in your name, but with another person's photograph.

  • Online fraud

    You have been deceived into sending money or goods to someone online, also known as shopping fraud, romance fraud or investment fraud.

  • Cyber-enabled abuse

    Someone is bullying, harassing or stalking you online. This can take the form of constantly messaging, emailing or texting you in a way that makes you feel intimidated or scared, impersonating you or spreading rumors about you, checking your email or tracking your internet use.

  • Online image abuse

    Image-based abuse happens when an intimate image or video is shared without the consent of the person pictured. This includes images or videos that have been digitally altered (using Photoshop or specialised software). Image-based abuse is sometimes called other things like 'revenge porn', ' intimate image abuse' or 'image-based sexual abuse'.

  • Affected devices

    Malware (short for 'malicious software') is software that cybercriminals use to harm your computer system or network. Cybercriminals can use malware to gain access to your computer without you knowing, in targeted or broad-based attacks.

You should NOT use ReportCyber when:

  • there is already a court order against the suspect
  • a physical crime has been committed, such as your debit or credit card or computer has been stolen
  • you have received a scam call and no loss of personal information or money has occurred

Instead you should review our Alternative Help page to see what other options are available.

Browser requirements: The latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari are recommended.

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