EndaceProbe EP-92C8-G4, EP-2184-G5 and EP-2144-G5 with Endace OSm v7.2


Endace OSm v7.2

Product type: 

Network and Network Related Devices and Systems

Product Status: 

In evaluation

Assurance Level: 

Protection Profile

Evaluation Facility: 

Teron Labs

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Endace Measurement Systems Ltd

Building C, Level 1 602 Great South Road Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand


Erez Birenzwig
Product Manager
Email: erez.birenzwig@endace.com

Product Description:

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is the suite of EndaceProbe EP Series network appliances. The hardware platforms are Endace branded platforms EndaceProbe EP-92C8-G4, EP-2184-G5 and EP-2144-G5 all running Endace OSm v7.2 software.

EndaceProbe EP Series appliances are tools which assist the users in ensuring the security and performance of their networks as well as the integrity of their confidential data by capturing an entire history of network traffic for offline analysis and investigation.