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Application requirements

  • I have read and understand the IRAP Policy and Procedures
  • I have 5 years of technical ICT experience with at least 2 years of information security experience on systems using the Information Security Manual and supporting publications.
  • I have completed the IRAP Training course and passed the examination.
Are you an Australian Citizen?

A pre-requisite for the IRAP program is confirmation of Australian Citizenship. Your IRAP application cannot progress further. Please email if you have any questions.

Application form

Applicant details

Applicant organisation details

Are you an Independent Consultant?

You can optionally enter your organisation's details below. Organisation Name and Organisation ABN are mandatory if you provide your organisation details.

You must enter your organisation's name and ABN details below.

Examination details



You must enter details of at least two certifications - one from Category A and one from Category B.
Category A certificates
Category B certificates

Security clearance details

Have you ever held a clearance before?

NOTE: ASD is not responsible for any costs associated with the application or maintenance of a security clearance. The IRAP Applicant must submit a Company name, Company ABN and billing number, regardless of their employment within a company or if they are listed as an Independent Consultant. The details provided will be forwarded to AGSVA to initiate the sponsorship request and billed accordingly. Further information regarding clearance fees can be found on the AGSVA website.

Date format in dd/mm/yyyy

Upload application documents

NOTE: This is an UNCLASSIFIED activity. Please be mindful that all information contained in your documents must be OFFICIAL only.
You must download, read, complete and sign the IRAP Confidentiality Deed.

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