These resources have been developed to help small businesses improve their cyber security.

Keeping your small business secure

For a small business, even a minor cyber security incident can have devastating impacts. In the 2022-23 financial year, the average cost of cybercrime for small business increased to $46,000, and for medium businesses, it increased to $97,000.

ASD's ACSC has published a range of resources to help small businesses protect themselves against common cyber security threats, including the Small Business Cyber Security Guide.

There are many simple and inexpensive measures businesses can use to improve their security. As a starting point, we recommend the following three:

  • turn on multi-factor authentication
  • update your software
  • back up your information.

If you have questions about ASD's ACSC’s advice or cyber security more broadly, we recommend you speak to an IT professional or a trusted advisor.

Cyber security tips for businesses

Watch the video to learn about ASD's ACSC’s essential measures for protecting your assets and information, and improving your organisation’s cyber security practices.

The video is supported by a briefing pack for small and medium businesses including:

  • Slide pack with notes.
  • Suggested quizzes to test your audiences knowledge.
  • Recommended resources for businesses to stay secure.

You can use the briefing pack and accompanying video to equip employees with the knowledge they need to identify and safeguard your business from cyber threats.

After completing the video and briefing pack, we also recommend implementing Maturity Level One of the Essential Eight.

For more practical tips and advice to strengthen your cyber defences download the Small Business Cyber Security Guide and complete the Small Business Cyber Security Checklist.

The Cyber Tips for Business video is designed to help small and medium businesses understand and respond to common cyber security threats.

ASD's ACSC Small Business Survey

ASD's ACSC has partnered with the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) to design the ACSC Small Business Survey (the Survey). The Survey captures a baseline understanding of cyber security practices and knowledge among Australian small businesses.

A summary and analysis of the Survey results are available here: Cyber Security and Australian Small Business Survey Results (November 2020)

Resources for small businesses

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