This page lists publications on critical infrastructure and their supporting operational technology environments.

An Introduction to Securing Smart Places

Smart places, also known as smart cities, are places designed to provide enhanced services to citizens using a collection of smart information and communication technology (ICT)-enabled systems and devices that capture, communicate and analyse data. To achieve this purpose, previously discrete technologies and systems are interconnected to allow for large-scale coordination, real-time decision making, and increased visibility and situational awareness of the smart place’s status.

Industrial Control Systems Remote Access Protocol

External parties may need to connect remotely to critical infrastructure control networks. This access is to allow the manufacturers of equipment used in Australia’s critical infrastructure the ability to maintain the equipment, when a fault is experienced that cannot be fixed in the required timeframe any other method.

Protecting Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems are essential to our daily life. They control the water we drink, the electricity we rely on and the transport that moves us all. It is critical that cyber threats to industrial control systems are understood and mitigated appropriately to ensure essential services continue to provide for everyone.

Remote Access to Operational Technology Environments

Many critical infrastructure providers are moving to support remote working arrangements. In doing so, modifying cyber security defences for Operational Technology Environments (OTE) is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

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