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Social media - terms of use

The ACSC uses a number of social media services as part of its communications activities. These services include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 

These Terms of Use exist, in addition to any other user policies or terms and conditions imposed by the respective social media platform host. These Terms apply to all social media services used by the ACSC, at any given time.  

Any persons who use the ACSC's social media pages (Users) to transmit, publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate or otherwise make available data, text, sound, photographs, graphics, images, videos, messages or other materials (User Content) agree that their access to, and use of any of the ACSC's social media pages is subject to these Terms of Use and all applicable laws, and that any such access or use is undertaken at their own risk. 

The ACSC reserves the right to alter these Terms of Use without advance notice by posting revised Terms of Use. Users should review the Terms of Use each time they provide User Content on the ACSC's social media services. 

The number and nature of social media services used by the ACSC may change over time, and the ACSC reserves the right to close any of its social media presences, for any reason, without notice. The ACSC endeavours to keep all social media presences up to date; however, the ACSC’s website should be regarded as the ACSC’s primary source of up to date information. 

Journalists wishing to submit questions to the ACSC can contact us via the Media enquiries request on the contact us page

Comments posted by users are not endorsed by ACSC 

The ACSC is not responsible for, and does not endorse or control, the content user transmitted or posted on its social media pages by users (“User Content”) and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the User Content.  

The ACSC and its staff accept no liability whatsoever for any User Content provided on its social media pages, including, without limitation, in relation to the currency, accuracy or completeness of the User Content and disclaims all liability for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of User Content, provided on its social media pages. 

All persons should exercise their own skill and care with respect to their use of User Content on the ACSC's social media pages and should carefully evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance of the User Content or any material contained on any linked site. 

Social media services may occasionally be unavailable and the ACSC accepts no responsibility for lack of response due to network failure. 

Monitoring and response 

ACSC social media accounts are monitored 247. Where possible, ACSC endeavours to reply individually to comments and messages received via social media services during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST). 

Do not use ACSC’s social media channels to report a cyber security incident to the ACSC. Contact us directly on 1300 CYBER1 (1300 292 371) or lodge a report through ReportCyber.

Moderation policy 

By commenting or posting on ACSC accounts, you accept that the ACSC will moderate its social media accounts as far as possible, in accordance with the moderation policy set out below. 

Comments and messages on the ACSC’s social media presences are pre- and post-moderated in accordance with the Australian Government Information Office Web 2.0 guidelines. This means that comments containing offensive keywords will be automatically blocked from publications and subject to moderation, while all other comments will be published automatically and reviewed by ACSC after publication to ensure compliance with these Terms of Use, including the Acceptable Use policy set out in the section below. 

While the ACSC reviews public comments on a regular basis, there may be times when inappropriate or offensive posts or comments that do not meet these Terms of Use appear before they can be removed. Please contact the social media team via the general enquiries form on the contact us page if you are aware of any post or comment that breaches these Terms of Use, and a moderator will address the issue appropriately. Where inappropriate material is identified it will be removed from public view; however, it will be retained in the system. Comments that violate these Terms of Use will be removed or not published. We will not edit comments. 

The ACSC will not inform Users when their comments and posts are moderated; however, we will warn and take appropriate action to suspend and expel Users who regularly and consistently submit inappropriate content.  

The ACSC reserves the right to suspend or block access to ACSC’s social media platforms without prior notice for any User who violates these Term of Use or infringes the rights of others. 

Acceptable use 

We welcome commentary, opinion and reaction to digital content published by the ACSC as part of our commitment to encouraging community engagement with our services and information. Comments should be relevant and respectful to other Users. 

Users agree not to:  

  • post material not permitted on ACSC social media accounts as outlined below  

  • intentionally spread misinformation on ACSC social media accounts (regarding any matter)  

  • provide incorrect or misleading advice to other Users relating to ACSC matters or services 

  • deliberately disrupt discussions (for example trolling)  

  • post irrelevant or excessively long material. 

In addition, the following content is not permitted to be posted on ACSC social media accounts and will be removed: 

  • material that is: obscene or explicit; defamatory; or that vilifies or discriminates against any particular gender, religion, sexual preference, age, disability, marital or domestic status, race/ethnicity, criminal record or political opinion 

  • advertisements, including promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial or non-government agency 

  • material that is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading 

  • material that you do not have a legal right to post (for example, material that is confidential, infringes intellectual property rights of others or is subject to a non-publication order of a court) 

  • material that would give rise to a violation of civil liabilities or is otherwise illegal or unlawful, or encourages any conduct that would constitute a civil or criminal offence 

  • material that contains malicious code 

  • material with the potential to affect national security, the ACSC or the Australian Government. This is an apolitical site and posts that are political in content and/or nature will be removed. 


Links to external websites and other third-party social media platforms from an ACSC social media presence are provided as a convenience to Users and the ACSC has no direct control over the content of the linked sites, or the changes that may occur to the content on those sites. The ACSC is not responsible for the content or reliability of links, or for any loss or inconvenience arising from their use. 

The inclusion of any link (or retweet) does not imply endorsement or a recommendation of any material on those sites, or of any third party products or services offered by, from or through those sites. Users of links provided by this website are responsible for being aware of which organisation is hosting the website they visit. 

Following and sharing 

The ACSC uses social bookmarking and sharing buttons on a number of its websites. These buttons enable visitors to easily share content on ACSC’s websites via social media presences such as Twitter and Facebook or bookmark content through social bookmarking services. 

The ACSC may retweet third party tweets from its official twitter profiles and 'like' and 'share' content within its Facebook platform and similar. Please note this does not imply endorsement of the content and the content provider by the ACSC in any way.  


Social media sites are public spaces on the internet and interactions are publicly viewable and searchable over time.  

Social media services provide their own disclaimers and policies on collection and use of visitor information, over which the ACSC has no control. The ACSC recommends users familiarise themselves with the terms of use of each social media site before use. 

Due to privacy considerations it is not possible to comment on individual matters via social media. We will seek to delete or remove any personal information posted to ACSC social media accounts, whether it relates to the poster or any other person. 

The ACSC records any information posted to ACSC social media accounts and uses that information for the purpose of administering its social media presence and considering and/or addressing any comments made. No attempt will be made to further identify individuals except where authorised or required by law.