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Small businesses are at greater risk of cyber attacks as they may not have the same level of security as larger organisations. Cybercriminals will try to take advantage of this, which can be devastating for your business.

There are still basic measures you can take to reduce this risk. By using the resources in this pack, you can help safeguard your business data, customers, and reputation.

What’s in this pack?

  • Small business cyber security guide
  • Checklist to keep track of progress
  • First Nations business resources
  • Exercise in a box
  • Essential Eight: Baseline strategy to mitigate cyber security incidents
  • A quiz to test your cyber security knowledge
  • Guides for ransomware, email attacks, securing your mobile phone, and more
  • Top tips for cyber security poster

Download, print, and share these resources with your staff. 

Small Business Cyber Security Guide

Download our guide for small businesses

This guide includes basic security measures to help protect your business against common cyber security threats. 

You can use the checklist to track your progress. 

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